It’s performance review time, which always puts me in a reflective mood. I’ve been thinking about how we, as nonprofit leaders, can be better coaches and mentors. Coaching is almost never in job descriptions, and if it is, we usually wrap it up in the vague term, “management.” It’s not hard to understand why […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose. Maybe it’s because I was on sabbatical earlier this year. Or maybe it’s because I’ve struggled to figure out how to explain what’s going on in this country to my kids, who are seven and ten years old. I’ve been thinking about  what I have to offer, and […]

At my organization, GEO, we’re about to start multiyear strategic planning. You either just got really excited for us, or you let out a huge groan. Personally, I love long-range planning, but if you were in the latter camp, I get it. Years ago, I attended the American Society of Association Executives annual conference in […]

Last week, Star Trek celebrated its 50th anniversary. It’s had me pondering the stars for the first time in years. The last time was in college when I took a course on astronomy. Back then, I was pretty obsessed with figuring out which phase the moon was in. Frequently, my girlfriend and I would be […]