If you’re a manager, hopefully by now you have created lots of opportunities to give feedback to the people who report directly to you. We all deserve the opportunity to grow in our roles. But how often do you ask them for feedback? We’re all super nice in the nonprofit sector, and you may be […]

I’m about to say something that no self-respecting operations professional should probably ever say. There’s something we and our teams should be spending time on, and whether or not we succeed is completely unmeasurable. It’s about  looking at things from another person’s point of view. This will be nearly impossible to write into annual goals. […]

Ops Boosts: Free (or mostly free) ways to supercharge your nonprofit’s operations How often do you walk out of a brainstorming session and say to yourself, well, now we’ve got a long list of things, but, ugh, what now? Typical brainstorming goes like this. “Ok, everyone, we have to double our outreach, now let’s shout […]

The other day I was in a juice shop contemplating the various boosts I could add to my beverage. Things like whey protein that were going to make me more energetic, intelligent, witty, able to do complicated yoga poses, more radiant and, if I’m not mistaken, even able to explain the “new math” to my […]